Dakota Johnson Interview with Si Style Magazine

Below is an interview of Dakota Johnson did with Si Style, a Switzerland magazine. Dakota talks about her career, Black Mass, Johnny Depp & her family. Thanks to DJ fans and DJ Life for the translation!
In “Black Mass” She plays Lindsey Cyr, the former life partner of the notorious mobster James “Whitey” Bulger. The Boston Mobster was on the run but was caught in 2011 in California she summarizes. What did you know about the case? 
When he was caught, it had interested me because of the apartment block where Bulger lived in Santa Monica, where he was arrested, as it belonged to the parents of a classmate. Since then, I naturally wondered what it looks like and what a gangster he made at the time.

Were you able to speak with Lindsey Cyr in preparation for the role?
No, but there is a lot of material about them. She has spoken in recent years often about her relationship with Jimmy Bulger. She was very young and loved him above all. If their son did not die, they would have stayed together. From the time with Jimmy, there was, however, no video material, based on which I’d movements their speech or their loading can study. Now she is much older, and does not feel the same. So, I have concentrated on him and been thinking about what it was like as a woman at his side at that time.

What conclusions are victories coming?
The women in gangster films are often only visual appetizers, silent wife or the drug-addicted mistress. But these women are emotionally very tough. Somehow they are a test for the man: Can he be subdued, he seems even more powerful. But I think it is more appropriate that they are also strong to withstand such a man.
Why many women find such men so attractive?
In the case of Lindsey Cyr and Whitey Bulger I have the feeling that they were evenly matched. Once outside, he may have been the bloke, but among themselves they had a very special relationship. She saw his tender side, as he loved his son. He was the only one who really was close to his heart. That sure made him also attractive for Lindsey.

How’s yours? Find power sexy?
I personally? So far, not yet (laughs). But I am working on it.

How do you envision your dream man?
I like men with brains, with whom I can lead intellectual debates. Someone with integrity. And with humor. And to be sweet.

Could you imagine yourself as a mother?
Yes absolutely. I had to take care of many younger siblings, to which I myself have a lot. I would one day like a couple of babies.

She turned to one of the greatest stars in film. How was Johnny Depp as partner?
An absolute highlight! I’ve always wondered how someone like him works and what is probably going on the set. In the hospital scene, it went through me like lightning: It was as if he produced a volley of anger, hatred and despair through me. I really got into trembling and crying. I sat very close to the camera and hoped that I would not mind beating with excitement and ruin the scene. This is magic! What an artist! I’ve been a fan after the movies “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Benny & Joon”: Johnny needs only to stand there, and already we are fascinated. There are few people who can pull it off.

But you knew him for some time?
Yes. I got to know him as a girl, when we lived in Colorado. Of the Author Hunter Thompson was a neighbor and a friend of my father – and also a good friend of Johnny.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” She has made a star. How do you deal with it now that you are detected and the tabloids are defiant?
It is troublesome. But the way it is today: Anyone with a Twitter account feels like a journalist. The social media accounts of my family members has been through a lot of attention lately – that did not seem fair to me. My brothers and sisters should be able to make it what they want without having to have followers send them messages to me. That is why I am now also on Instagram, so people come to me directly. It’s nice that the fans have a channel to the person for whom you admire. And I like photos, even look at photo albums. [Now Showing icheben in this way my known my dog. So passts for me.]

You must probably be careful with whom you befriend, or was being famous as the daughter always been the case?
Yes, like my growing up in a family, you get it sooner or later have to do with people who are not loyal. Therefore, my loyalty is extremely important, in my opinion.

Her father Don Johnson says, you do not need help, you were as a child been very independent. How have you found it so early?
(Laughs.) I’m not sure if I did. I never have myself and my life completely under control, but that’s actually okay. It is fun. But it’s nice that my father says.

Many frictions?
No, I have challenged only occasionally my parents.
How did you actually come to your first name?
Actually I was supposed to be called Ruby, but my father said, Ruby Johnson sounds like a bitch name. There are a great singer who is called that. Anyway: another couple expecting a child at the same time, they wanted to name her son Dakota. I came first, and my parents snapped their name from under their nose.

Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith, Tippi Hedren and Antonio Banderas – what you have taken from your famous family on your way?
I hope I have the strength and the dignity of my grandmother and the humor and my mother’s cunningness inherited. From my father I learned that in relationships, expect respect. And thanks to Antonio I learned Spanish: My older brother and my younger sister speak it fluently, I understand sometimes only the speech, but I can make myself understood.

They had their first major appearance in 2006 as Miss Golden Globe. At that time did the camera prepare you for discomfort…
Yes, I was so scared and was petrified! I’ve never been on a stage standing – except in the school theater. I could not walk in high heels and had hidden my best with my tight dress and black eye makeup also. But I also felt honored because my mother was once Miss Golden Globe. It was like a final examination. I wish I could turn back time and me present something more elegant.


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