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Dakota Johnson To Star in #InsideAndOut Campaign by Intimissimi

Intimissimi wants to present women from real life instead of the usual stereotype of “sexy and desirable”, according to a message. The lingerie, therefore, are not shown on the model as in normal underwear campaigns. Instead, they wanted to show the strength, the ambitions and the integrity of the women. The message: The beauty of a woman is an expression of her inner strength and her personality is reflected in her style. The collection is intended as a tribute to femininity in all shapes and sizes and is intended to show that the right bra gives every woman more confidence.

In order to implement the idea of ​​photography and film, Intimissimi has worked with the fashion and portrait photographer Mario Testino for the first time. “The four talents are absolutely great,” Testino enthuses. “In addition, I was challenged to stage a underwear campaign with fully dressed women. I wanted to capture with my camera how these women feel, while they wear the underwear under their clothes. With this campaign, Intimissimi is daring to sell a new way of selling underwear.”

Source: Werbewoche


Dakota Johnson Talks About Intimissimi Campaign #InsideAndOut

1. What do you think about the new Intimissimi campaign “#insideandout”? And how did you react when you heard that you were one of the testimonial of this global campaign? 

Dakota: I was honored to be part of this amazing casting and campaign. Intimissimi has a new goal: to celebrate empowered women and I’m completely aligned with their new vision and message.

2. How impactful do you image this campaign to be? 

Dakota: I hope it will be very impactful. It is a new direction for an underwear brand. The new Intimissimi campaign talks about real women and it is focused on their inner beauty. I hope that every woman can associate with the campaign.

3. How did you feel when you heard Mario was shooting the campaign? 

Dakota: I was very excited. I had worked with him before and I knew he was going to capture some truly beautiful images.

4. How has it been working with Mario?

Dakota: Working with Mario was so much fun, free and wonderful. I hadn’t seen him in a while, and we worked together once before. It was for my first Vogue cover and I was very nervous. Continue reading Dakota Johnson Talks About Intimissimi Campaign #InsideAndOut