Dakota Johnson Rescue Horses on the Island of Pantelleria!

Dakota Johnson has recently travel to Italy to help out the local horses on the island of Pantelleria. The equestrial center is in danger of closing because of inevitable cris and horses that have been housed there been arranged for slaughter. Therefore, Dakota lend a helping hand by donating 6000 euro to aid their financial woes for the rent which allows the center to remain open for the next two years.

In return, Dakota has received a gift of one of the horses she has rescued, the name of the horse is named Baldassarre and it’s ready to travel to US with Dakota.

I admired Dakota compassion and generousity to the horses. She is a good person with a kind heart.

Enjoy the photos of Dakota visits the Island of Pantelleria.

Dakota Johnson Rescue Horses on the Island of Pantelleria in Italy
View more images of Dakota on the island of Pantelleria in Italy!

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