Dakota Johnson Talks About Her Role in ‘A Bigger Splash’

Below is a transcript of Dakota Johnson during the press conference at Venice Film Festival.  Bear in mind, there’s only one question for Dakota. Dakota talks about her role in the movie.

Dakota, what was it like playing a Lolita-esque role? Matthias, how did you play with the contrast inside you? Luca, the pool was the basis of everything, but you used the entire island so the title (A Bigger Splash) is fitting.

Dakota Johnson: For me it was a great, interesting and sort of quick experience. I came up in the film quite late and I had little time before starting filming to…figure it out. I wish I had more time but it all worked out. Penelope to me seemed a very hyperintelligent young girl who has this bizarre connection to herself and her sexuality. She’s trying to figure out what that means and how to use it and what it means to be a young woman surrounded by adults who she feels are her peers. She doesn’t have enough life experience to be a peer of these people. I was fascinated by the writing and the story.

Source: The Upcoming

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