Dakota Johnson Talks About Intimissimi Campaign #InsideAndOut

1. What do you think about the new Intimissimi campaign “#insideandout”? And how did you react when you heard that you were one of the testimonial of this global campaign? 

Dakota: I was honored to be part of this amazing casting and campaign. Intimissimi has a new goal: to celebrate empowered women and I’m completely aligned with their new vision and message.

2. How impactful do you image this campaign to be? 

Dakota: I hope it will be very impactful. It is a new direction for an underwear brand. The new Intimissimi campaign talks about real women and it is focused on their inner beauty. I hope that every woman can associate with the campaign.

3. How did you feel when you heard Mario was shooting the campaign? 

Dakota: I was very excited. I had worked with him before and I knew he was going to capture some truly beautiful images.

4. How has it been working with Mario?

Dakota: Working with Mario was so much fun, free and wonderful. I hadn’t seen him in a while, and we worked together once before. It was for my first Vogue cover and I was very nervous.

5. If you could take home one Intimissimi lingerie piece from the shoot what would it be?

Dakota: The one I was wearing during the shoot – it’s a form-fitting bra that gives your body a better structure. One of my favorite Intimissimi pieces is Elena bra, which is an elegant and soft lace bralette.

6. Favorite style of lingerie?

Dakota: I love refined and attractive look, very natural and feminine style.

7. What was your favorite moment on set?

Dakota: I loved that I had the opportunity to tell part of my story and that Mario made me feel so comfortable.

8. What is romance to you?

Dakota: Romance for me is sense of humor, chivalry and loyalty.

9. What is Italian style to you?

Dakota: Italian style means beauty, elegance and perfection.

10. Guilty pleasure?

Dakota: My guilty pleasure is sleeping!

11. Secret hobbies?

Dakota: If it’s secret then I can’t tell you!

12. How much have you changed since you set out on your career?

Dakota: I’ve changed a lot. I’ve learned how to make myself more comfortable, and feel more at ease in front of the camera. I love how much I learn on every job, from the people I work with, and the locations. And even if it’s mastering some sort of skill, I just love all of the new experiences it brings.

13. Biggest goal for 2017?

Dakota: Spending more time at home, with my family.

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