Dakota Johnson’s Dad Objected to Anastasia Steele Role

Rumors continue to fly when it comes to the cast of the upcoming 50 Shades of Greymovie. According to a new report, Dakota Johnson’s dad, Don, objected to her playing Anastasia Steele in the upcoming blockbuster. This latest update follows Charlie Hunnam’s abrupt exit from the film.

Dakota Johnson may be at war with her father, Don Johnson. The actor may not be in the spotlight any longer, but that doesn’t stop him from commenting on his daughter’s career. According to an insider who spoke with Star, Don is more vocal than ever:

“Don has gotten more conservative as he’s gotten older. Dakota’s mom, Melanie Griffith, told him he’s being a stick in the mud. But Don is a father and he doesn’t want to see his daughter used as a sex object, even if it’s only for a movie.”

Of course, the biggest news surrounding the film has to do with another actor–Charlie Hunnam. Charlie was originally slated to portray the main role of Christian Grey.The reaction to him being cast as the lead caused so much uproar, that Hunnam eventually abandoned the role. Producer Michael De Luca was recently asked what role social media played in Hunnam’s exit, via The Hollwood Reporter:

“I didn’t feel pressure because we had a possible replacement in place before the thing actually went down. It’s just called being prepared. But I am on Twitter constantly. I am a masochist. I’m into the fandom, so I was aware of what was coming the first time around, when Charlie Hunnam wasn’t what most readers pictured. But he was so awesome in this audition that he did with Dakota Johnson, and he really wanted to play that character, and we’re not making the movie based on Twitter. We thought we’d get there with him, and then when we couldn’t, we anticipated that the new guy, Jamie Dornan, was going to be more of what the fans conjured in their imaginations.”

Source: Classicalite

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