‘Fifty Shades’ Of Kaling: Mindy Approves Of Dakota Johnson Casting

Dakota Johnson is getting a pretty high-profile co-sign from Mindy Kaling. The casting of the former “Ben & Kate” star in the big-screen adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey” may have initially led fans of the E.L. James trilogy to scratch their heads, but Mindy is hardly surprised by it.

She’s got a lot of love for Dakota, who used to share Tuesday nights with “The Mindy Project” star on Fox.

“Dakota is another one where it’s like, she’s really funny and very beautiful, so she was the kind of person where it’s like sometimes you put a timer on someone and you’re like ‘Dakota’s going—[it’s] to be a certain amount of time before she becomes huge,'” she said, adding, “Cause she’s just very dry and funny, beautiful in a way that’s not, like, boring. She’s gonna be great.”

And if you’re wondering if Mindy’s small-screen alter-ego—the rom-com loving Dr. Lahiri—is excited for the flick, she weighs in. “I am 100 percent sure Mindy Lahiri would go to the Ziegfeld [Theater] or wherever it is and see the premiere,” she said.

We also have a feeling Mindy wouldn’t mind making Dakota’s hunky leading man, Charlie Hunnam, her latest conquest. We can’t blame her.

Source: MTV News

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