First Look of Dakota Johnson & Rebel Wilson in ‘How To Be Single’

Who needs Tinder when Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson are ready to show us exactly how to navigate the dating world?

The two actresses are teaming up for a new movie, How to be Single, out in February – and despite the somewhat unexpected duo, Wilson and Johnson promise greatness.

“It is a pretty hysterical, unconventional friendship,” Johnson, 26, tells PEOPLE of the relationship between their two characters in the comedy. “Rebel’s character is so wild and free and [my character] Alice has not ever really behaved that way. They both learn a bit from the other.”

Wilson, 35, plays the role of Robin, whom she describes as “a wild single girl living in New York City” who “loves to party and dance up a storm in ‘da clubs!’ ”

“While my character is fiercely independent, Dakota’s character has just come out of a long-term relationship and is showing all the signs of co-dependency,” Wilson explains. “Robin takes Alice under her wing, so to speak, and teaches her how to be single in the Big Apple.”
Adds Johnson, “Alice is a smart and sensitive young woman, figuring out what it means to not rely on a relationship to make her happy.”

Of what drew her to the film, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress says it “was an exciting endeavor” because of its honesty, since she feels “it is rare these days to have the main character in a film about being wild and partying and dating be a woman.”

Wilson, for her part, raves that the most fun she had on set was shooting a scene where they partied the night away “dancing on a Midtown rooftop until sunrise.”

“We did a HEAP of dancing one night for hours and hours and it felt like we were at a real party with the most amazing views of N.Y.C.,” Wilson says. “It’s such a great ensemble cast in this film, and in the breaks between scenes we’d just chat and laugh!”

The movie also stars Alison Brie, 32, and Leslie Mann, 43 – two more actresses Wilson had never worked with before, but the Pitch Perfect star says she was “such a big fan of all of them.”

“We had a heap of fun filming this movie and I think you can really tell in the finished product,” Wilson says, adding that the film is an “N.Y.C. love-fest” since they shot all around the city, including Times Square, Central Park and even Bloomingdale’s.

“It’s a fantastic Valentine’s Day movie to go and see whether you’re single or in a relationship,” Wilson says. “It’s got such good heart and such a great message at the end – which I won’t spoil, you guys will have to see the film!”

“This film is shot in a way where you really feel the personal moments with the characters,” Johnson adds. “The juxtaposition of the emotional, quiet scenes and then having the outrageously funny moments with Rebel makes it really interesting.”

How to be Single hits theaters Feb. 12, 2016.

Source: EW

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