Jamie Dornan Talks About Dakota Johnson

Below is an excerpt from the interview where Jamie talks about Dakota while filming Fifty Shades of Grey.

No doubt an important set piece during the film’s production, Dornan admits he took the opportunity to spend quite some time in Christian’s Red Room – all in the name of immersing himself in the character.

“I did want to spend a bit of time in the Red Room, so I was left alone in there a couple of times,” he explained.

“It was really important that Dakota (Johnson, who plays Anastasia) hadn’t seen the red room until we shot the first scene in it. That’s how we did it – we open the door and turn on the lights and that was legitimately the first time that Dakota saw the room – I think that’s really important.”

Of his Fifty Shades co-star, he added: “Dakota is great fun, I consider myself to be funny I guess, which I probably shouldn’t, but we have a thing where we will try to outdo each other sometimes with humour.

“I think that kind of essential going into a job where there are scenes that are quite intense. You need to have that humour to appease the situation.

“And she is also very professional, so when it mattered we were very much in the game.”

Source: UTV

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